Appeal Consulting Services

REAC Appeal Consulting Services

REAC Appeal Consulting Services

US Housing Consultants provides REAC appeal consulting services. We work on appeals for Public Housing and Multifamily HUD clients. We have developed a collaborative approach to assisting our clients to create appeals which are highly effective and deliver the best results in the industry.

Our REAC consultants will work with you to determine all of the areas in your REAC report that can be successfully appealed. We will help you create and obtain all of the appropriate documentation that needs to be submitted in support of your appeal. We base our recommendations on the items can be appealed using our 9 years of experience creating appeals, as well as our extensive case history.

How We Help With Your REAC Appeal

Most appeals that are filed, approach the process from a common sense perspective and fail as a result. The REAC appeals process operates under a very specific and ever-changing set of rules, and our staff has years of experience determining what issues can be appealed successfully and what simply cannot, preventing wasted time and money on appeals that do not deliver results.

Our REAC Appeal Specialists Will Help You Determine:

  • Whether your REAC appeal should be submitted as a Database Adjustment or a Technical Review.
  • Issues that may be eligible for an appeal and what the scope of the appeal might be.
  • If you will achieve the score change you need.
  • Distinguish between appeals based on anger or disappointment from those that will be effective.

Why do I need a consultant?

  • One word: Math. The complexity of the REAC scoring model, which includes area and sub-area point capping, means that you could easily file an appeal that is approved, however, result in NO point gain. We can help to determine which issues can actually produce a positive point gain before wasting your time and money chasing dead ends.
  • Preventing the wrong word: An expert may provide you with a statement in support of your appeal and, with only one or two misplaced words, could negate your argument completely. We help by using the most effective and precise wording for the inspection.
  • Because your appeal matters: So many clients have come to us with an idea for appeal that would be close to working, but would have been rejected on a technicality, or one area that was stated incorrectly; our assistance can ensure that these costly mistakes do not happen.

If you are appealing a REAC score and want to pass, then we have the expertise and experience to help you make that happen. Call for more information (877) 228-0003