Our REAC Inspection Services Remove the Stress and Uncertainty

REAC Inspection Services

From Pre-REAC Inspections to REAC Prep and Shadows and help with appeals, we can assist you through every step of the process 

Prepare for your REAC Inspection by taking advantage of our years of experience in helping hundreds of clients nationwide with their REAC Inspections. We work with some of the largest and most prestigious law firms, management companies, investment syndicates, and state agencies. Our trained and experienced inspectors can show you the worst-case scenario inspection, and teach you how to prepare your property using simple math—not common sense.

Preparing for Pre-REAC and UPCS Inspections

At US Housing Consultants, we help you understand how the REAC inspection scoring model works and give you the exact information you need to get a great score. You may think that, based on common sense, you can prepare for a REAC inspection yourself. However, relying on common sense is what often gets property owners in trouble. Instead, we teach you how to use REAC scoring model to correctly prioritze and plan your REAC preparation. At US Housing Consultants, our Inspection Consultants are always up-to-date on REAC rules and have practical solutions to many common issues that they might encounter on your property during a Pre-REAC inspection. This is important because we find that some property owners and managers try to prepare for REAC inspections using priorities that leave a lot up to chance. We assess worst-case scenarios and suggest how to develop effective plans to ensure success on your inspection. Our detailed and easy-to-read reports include explanations, suggestions, and photographs that give you the information you need to prepare for a successful REAC inspection.

REAC Preparation and Shadow

Our preparation and shadow service consists of one of our inspectors being present the day before and the day of your REAC inspection. On the day before, our inspector will perform a last-minute inspection as a final preparation step. We will ensure that your property is as ready as possible and will offer suggestions on how to correct any issues last minute. These will include both major and minor problems that are easy to overlook. On the day of the inspection, our consulting inspector will shadow the REAC inspector to verify that the inspection is conducted correctly. We will work with the inspector to ensure that the inspection is time efficient, accurate, low-stress, and positive. We are there for both technical and moral support, to make sure that the inspection runs smoothly.

REAC Appeal Consulting Services

Our consultants can help you determine what parts of your REAC report can be successfully appealed. Oftentimes, property owners approach appeals from a common sense perspective, which is a technique that frequenly falls short. A REAC Inspection appeal can be filed for a number of reasons, including ongoing modernization, issues beyond owners’ control, local area code variance, ownership conflicts, and technical issues or inspector errors. The REAC appeals process is often difficult to navigate, as the requirements are very intricate and specific. The system for appeals accommodates a very specific reconsideration of deficiencies or preparation of appeals based on well verified isseus that show that there were mitigating conditions during the REAC inspection. There are very specific regulations used by HUD for REAC appeals are often hard to navigate, which is why it is best to have an experienced expert help with appeals. At US Housing Consultants, we assist owners and managers in the process, so that appeals can be successful and get you a higher score. From minor to major issues, and no matter the amount of problems recorded, we can assist in identifying what can be appealed successfully. We take the drama and uncertainty out of the REAC appeals process and make the process routine, reliable, and most importantly, successful. 

We provide REAC Consulting Services, where we work with your staff to help them understand the requirements—we do not simply deliver a report. Our services help you understand what issues have a greater severity than other issues. We help our clients understand the REAC process and prepare their properties to optimize their REAC score—even when there are challenges such as limited time, budget, or staff.

The REAC Inspection results will improve immensely if you just focus on intelligent preparation with experienced REAC experts.We can help you get the best score possible. Call US Housing Consultants for more information (877) 228-0003 or use our contact form.