On-Site File Review for LIHTC and HUD

On-Site File Review for LIHTC and HUD

HUD and Tax Credit On-Site File Audits and Assistance

Onsite File Audits and Pre-MOR Reviews

US Housing Consultants can provide onsite file audits or reviews of HUD, Tax Credit, Public Housing, and HOME projects. Our team of compliance analysts can review all or a portion of your resident files to determine if there are any issues of non-compliance. We can offer both a per-file or per-day cost, and provide you with a spreadsheet that details all of the issues and best practices for correcting the issues.

Whether you have just taken over a troubled property, have existing non-compliance issues you need to correct or want to prevent; or you are preparing for an HFA Audit or HUD MOR, we can perform a review for you that will give you a worst case scenario view of your property's compliance issues, and develop a plan to correct any issues that you have in your resident files. 

We offer a variety of inspection services for multifamily homes, including REAC inspections, UPCS, HUD, and LIHTC inspections. Call us for more information (877) 228-0003