Conquering Multifamily HUD Compliance

Conquering Multifamily Section 8 HUD Compliance

Conquering Multifamily Section 8 HUD Compliance

Maintaining proper compliance with multifamily HUD Section 8 provides challenges to owners and managers; this course will help you stay in compliance at all times.  From applications and waiting list requirements to EIV, our compliance course and one-day workshop will cover it all. 

HUD’s multi-family housing programs provide affordable, safe, decent, and sanitary housing to our nations most vulnerable populations.  In order to help these vital housing programs remain intact, owner/agents need to do their part by operating their HUD properties in accordance with HUD regulations. However, with the ever-changing housing regulations, maintaining compliance can become a challenge. Yet, failing to maintain compliance can result in dire consequences for the owner, the project, and most importantly, can negatively affect the tenants. Created by Amanda Lee Gross, the “Conquering HUD Multi-Family Housing Compliance” courses provide affordable housing professionals the information and guidance needed to ensure project compliance. 


Conquer Multifamily HUD Compliance Certification Course 

This seminar includes informative and detailed training on all aspects of Multifamily Section 8 Compliance. Learn about what you need to know about how to make sure that your property is always in compliance. From determining household eligibility to maintaining property compliance, Amanda will take you through all of the requirements.

What Conquering Multifamily HUD Compliance Covers

  • Introduction & Program Background
  • Civil Rights and Nondiscrimination Requirements
  • Project Eligibility (Section 8, Section 202, Section 202/8)
  • Section 202 PAC, Section 202 PRAC, and Section 811 PRAC Projects
  • Program Eligibility (including student eligibility)
  • Determining Household Income
  • Determining Household Rent
  • Lease Requirements
  • Recertifications & Interim Certifications
  • Unit Transfers
  • Gross Rent Charges
  • Termination of Assistance and Termination of Tenancy
  • Enterprise Income Verification System

Conquer Multifamily HUD Compliance One-Day Workshop

Created by Amanda Lee Gross, the “HUD Multi-Family Compliance - Workshop” is a one-day course specially designed to assist affordable housing professionals in accurately determining household eligibility for HUD Multi-Family housing programs. 

Amanda Lee covers all aspects of determining eligibility, from processing applications, evaluating student status & citizenship to calculating income and recertification requirements. Amanda Lee’s workshops are always up to date with current regulations and include relevant topics that reflect our ever-changing industry. This workshop includes current real-world examples with practical application and utilizes exercises to ensure attendees finish the session with a thorough comprehension of how to determine household eligibility. 

Part 1: Tenant Selection & Processing

  1. Income Limits & Household Size<
  2. Applications & Interviews
  3. Student Eligibility
  4. Citizenship Requirements
  5. Social Security Requirements

Part 2: Verification Requirements

  1. Methods of Verification
  2. Term of Verifications
  3. Intro to EIV

Part 3: Determining Income

  1. Method of Determining Income
  2. Overview of Income Inclusions
  3. Overview of Income Exclusions
  4. Earned Income Sources
  5. Unearned Income Sources

Part 4: Determining Asset Income;

  1. Introduction to Assets
  2. Asset Inclusions & Exclusions
  3. Imputing Asset Income
  4. Disposed Assets
  5. Review of Common Assets

Part 5: Adjusted Income

  1. Dependent Deduction
  2. Childcare Expenses
  3. Disability Expenses
  4. Elderly/Disabled Deduction
  5. Medical Expenses
  6. Calculating Rent