Preparing for New REAC & NSPIRE Rules and Regulations

How to Succeed on HUD Inspections

Learn to Succeed on REAC Inspections - Prepare for New NSPIRE Requirements

HUD REAC Is Changing the UPCS Protocol to NSPIRE - These Changes Require So Much More Than a New Checklist

HUD Rules on Physical Compliance are changing, moving to new set of requirements - NSPIRE - which is going to move the emphasis on inspections to focus more on resident habitability and health and safety conditions. REAC Inspections will include more dwelling units, stricter rules and more stringent requirements.

We are now offering a full-day course on UPCS and REAC Inspections that focuses on ways to make UPCS Inspection Protocol part of a plan to improve your property's performance, reduce costs, and create accountability and provides dynamic techniques for REAC compliance. Preparing for New REAC & NSPIRE Rules and Regulations is a full day workshop that explains the best methods for understanding why issues are considered to be deficiencies, how to recognize these areas, and most importantly, how to set your own higher standard above and beyond it all. 

Why Should You Get REAC /NSPIRE Training?

If you own, manage, or invest in HUD-financed or subsidized housing, one of the greatest risks to your property and company is failing a REAC Inspection. US Housing Consultants has worked with thousands of owners and managers since 2006 - preparing their properties, training their staff, and getting their operations back on track. Our experienced training staff can show you how to succeed at HUD REAC Inspections using strategic approaches that will work on any budget or timeline.

How Is Your REAC Training Different? 

Other REAC/NSPIRE Training offered throughout the industry fixate on the measurements that make something a deficiency, and while that is important to understand if you want to be a REAC Inspector, this training focuses on daily practices that will help you make sense of the fundamentals necessary to always keep your property in compliance.

This course includes an explanation of REAC Scoring, how to best prepare for inspections, and then how to recognize issues, not just by levels, but instead by the telltale signs of what inspectors are looking for. This course is informational, humorous, and educational for all members of your staff. This training is an explanation on how to know what a UPCS Inspection is, and then how you can move that knowledge to a plan to be even better than the minimum standards.