Preparing for New REAC Rules and NSPIRE Hands-On Workshop

Understanding REAC Inspections with Hands-On Training

Understanding REAC Inspections with Hands-On Training

Schedule a hands-on training at a property for your company or housing organization and get a review of what you need to know about preparing for REAC Inspections and hands-on instruction on how to perform a worst-case scenario Pre-REAC inspection.

This course includes an explanation of REAC Scoring, how to best prepare for inspections, and how to recognize issues. You will learn to look for more than just the "Levels", but also by the tell-tale signs of what inspectors are "looking for" and what will most dramatically impact your REAC score.  This one-day course is informational, humorous, and educational for all members of your staff.  This practical REAC training program explains what a REAC/UPCS Inspection is, and how you can utilize that knowledge toward planning to be even better than the minimum standards and always get the best score possible.

Our Preparing for New REAC Rules and NSPIRE One-Day Workshop combines together a classroom session with a full coursebook and is followed by a hands-on training/inspection. Our instructor will take the group through the property and do an inspection, putting all of the classroom knowledge into practice - bringing to life what it means to be in compliance. 

With HUD's newly intensified focus on physical compliance issues, it is now more important than ever for every member of your staff to know all of the REAC rules, regulations, and expectations. HUD is placing a new focus on everyday compliance, with increased scrutiny on dwelling units. 

You can have up to 25 people participate in our training classes (smaller groups are encouraged to make unit inspections more accessible to a group). Contact our office at (603) 223-0003 for information on how to set up a training for your group or company.