CNA Reserve Study and Replacement Analysis

CNA Reserve Study and Replacement Analysis

Professional Analysis and Replacement Reserve Studies

We provide effective and affordable Capital Needs Assessments with Reserve Study and analysis for properties of all types—from hotels to associations to multifamily apartment complexes. Our reserve studies analyze the physical condition of your property and develop an easy-to-read plan on how to address any issues we find at the site. We also can help you prepare financially for the future of the property. We work closely with our clients to develop a report that addresses all of their needs and discuss the options.

Our Replacement Reserve Analysis:

  • Shows you exactly where your replacement reserve account succeeds or fails through a 20-year term.
  • Shows you how you can possibly lower your monthly escrow deposits while still ensuring that your property has the proper replacement reserves.

Easy to Read Replacement Reserve Reports

As with everything else US Housing Consultants does, we attempt to make this process as simple as possible, and always collaborate with the owner or management agent we are working with to their success. We have heard from many of our clients that other reserve specialists simply deliver a report and refuse to entertain any questions about alternative methods for replacement, a schedule for replacement, and costs for repairs and replacement. With US Housing, your opinion will never fall on deaf ears—we will review your concerns with you and develop a plan that works for your property or association.

Reserve Analysis Protects Your Property's Future

Our expert analysts have worked on thousands of properties throughout the country, including condominium associations, to homeowner associations, hotels, luxury apartments with government underwriting, as well as major rehabs of multifamily HUD properties. We can work with you to develop a CNA Reserve Study that addresses your concerns, works within your budget, and protects your association.

We offer a number of inspection services for your multifamily property that will help you meet your needs. We can help with REAC, UPCS, and LIHTC inspections so you can get the best possible score.