Due Diligence Inspections

Due Diligence Inspections and Reports

Quick Results and Easy to Understand Reports

Our Unit Due Diligence package delivers a customizable, professional home inspection along with same day reports. This is an ideal package whether you are performing a unit-by-unit due diligence home inspection and risk assessment for internal use to determine the amount needed for repairs, or as part of a pre-purchase evaluation of a commercial real estate asset.

Our package provides an indispensable analysis of a property's condition and an understanding of the real-time costs of the property's deferred maintenance. This information is vital to investors, asset managers, leasing agents, and owners of commercial and residential real estate assets.

Unit Due Diligence and Risk Analysis

US Housing Consultants provides the best unit due inspection package on the market. This is an easy to understand inspection report and thorough inspection conducted by one of our Inspection Analysts. Prior to your inspection, we will review the components that you specify in addition to our standard inspection. Our property analysis team will prepare a cost table for the asset to be inspected and review it with you to ensure that the correct replacement and repair costs have been established. Once the inspection is complete, we will produce your due diligence package for you instantly.

Benefits of US Housing Consultant's Due Diligence Inspection

Our staff of professional inspectors works throughout the United States, Canada, and US Territories evaluating real estate assets, including commercial, residential, affordable (HUD and LIHTC) and hospitality properties. We assist owners and investors in evaluating properties by creating Property Condition Assessments (PCA), Reserve Studies, and Unit Due Diligence, depending on what would serve the owner best.

What can you expect from a Due Diligence Inspection from US Housing Consultants?

  • Reports Delivered Via Email the Same Day As Inspection Completes
  • Easy to Understand, Transparent Pricing
  • Customizable Inspection Checklists and Cost Structure
  • Unmatched industry experience and professionalism

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