REAC Appeals Webinar 7/9/13 2:00 PM EST

REAC Appeals Webinar 7/9/13 2:00 PM EST
    Close REAC Appeals Webinar 7/9/13 2:00 PM EST
    HUD REAC Appeals that Really Work
    This is a 90 Minute Webinar that is sponsored by IAHA - This session will show you how REAC Appeals really work.

    Webinar July 9, 2013 2PM EST

      Sponsored by Illinois Association of Housing Authorities (IAHA)

     Agenda: “Making REAC Appeals Work – Math and Misconceptions”
    1.       Introduction to HUD REAC Appeals
             a.      The Two Types of Appeals, Database and Technical
             b.      Submission and Funding Program Requirements
             c.       Misconceptions, Misunderstandings, and bath Math
    2.       Database Adjustment & the 4 “Mitigating Conditions”
    3.       Technical Reviews – Errors and Issues that Work as Designed
    4.       Submission Requirements
              a.      Submission Requirements and Format Issues
              b.      Backup Documentation Requirements
              c.       Qualifications and Current Expert Licensing
    5.       Why appeals don’t work
            a.       Obvious to you Vs. Obvious to Stranger
            b.      Incomplete, Obscure and the Truly Odd
            c.       Too many words and bad photos
            d.      Out “REACing” REAC
    6.       Scoring/Rescoring- the “Math” of REAC Appeals

    Presented by Dan Biron, Vice President of Inspection Services at US Housing Consultants

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