Hud & LIHTC Compliance

Tax Credit Compliance

U.S. Housing Consultants has a wide-array of option to assist owners and managers remain in compliance with their HUD and Tax Credit obligations. The cost of non-compliance to owners and managers can be incalculable, hundreds of hours cleaning up Management Review findings, delayed refinancing or acquisitions due to 2530 flags, or 8823 notices of non-compliance. Our analysts can assist with review and approval of resident files, help with policies and procedures, or simply provide advice on how to ensure accuracy on everything you do.

Certification Approval Service

The best insurance against non-compliance with Tax Credit or HUD programs is a easy-to-use approval system by our expert compliance team. Our compliance analysts have worked throughout the country as auditors and trainers of affordable housing programs, and they can be your company's compliance department for a fraction of the cost. Have your staff fax or email us copies of TICs and 50059's before completion, and we'll review the certification, provide a report to the manager, track the proper completion of noted issues, and keep track of the eligible basis and deep targets for your property. Click here for more information or call our office at any time.

Our Compliance Team can:

  • Review your resident files for HUD, Tax Credit, or HOME properties and keep you in compliance 
  • Process your HAP requests and ensure that you never miss a subsidy payment
  • Train your staff on compliance based on a targeted analysis of their areas of concern
  • Detailed analysis of your property's compliance standards in real-time.

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