Conquering REAC Compliance Workshop in Minneapolis May 23, 2019

Join us at Minnesota Multi-Housing Association (MHA) training center in Bloomington, MN for a full day of training on REAC Compliance. With all of the changes to the REAC Inspection Requirements in 2019, it is more important than ever to fully understand the regulations. REAC is now only providing limited notice prior to inspections (14 days) and is discussing new ways to increase scrutiny on physical standards. This training will discuss these new changes, and how the current rules work within the existing inspection model.

Register for the event by clicking here.

New Scheduling Rules for REAC Inspection Released 
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24 August 2019
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On August 21, 2019, HUD published a set of proposed rules in the Federal Register "Notice of Demonstration To Assess the National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate and Associated Protocols" 24 CFR Parts 5 and 200; [Docket No. FR–6...
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Enter your text here ...HUD REAC Released a PowerPoint document (Click here) in an email to REAC Inspectors. This presentation is intended to provide clarify to sometimes subjective interpretations of what is considered to be "Non-Industry Standard"...

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