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Affordable Housing Simplified

US Housing Consultants is a national multi-family housing consulting company specializing in HUD and Tax Credit compliance. We work with owners, managers, and investors nationwide and assist with correcting existing non-compliance issues or help to ensure that your properties are always in compliance.

We provide the nation's premier REAC Consulting Services, having served as trainer and consultant to the largest companies throughout the country. We help our clients understand what they need to do to do to get great scores, even if they have challenges with a lack of time or available funds. With our Pre-REAC Inspection Reports, you will learn how to prepare your property using the math of the REAC scoring model. Common sense or instincts will likely get you a lower score.

With our Compliance Services, Owners, Managers, and Investors of Tax Credit and HUD Properties can ensure that the information collected on households is correct before it is filed – instead of correcting mistakes after the fact. We have a wide range of services to help you outsource your compliance needs – from approving files to ensuring that TRACS submissions are correct every time, or outsourcing the re-certification for a property in a quick and affordable way.

Inspection Services That We Provide Include:

Understanding REAC/UPCS Training Seminars

  • Our 90-minute, Three-Hour, and Full-Day seminars can train your staff on REAC Inspections and UPCS Inspection protocol and scoring. These courses will clarify how to prepare your properties for REAC while keeping your budget in mind. Our innovative training is the only one of its kind – a training from a manager/maintenance person's perspective that demystifies the process.

Certification Approval Service

  • Our file approval service is designed for any LIHTC, HUD, RD, or Public Housing unit (including layered funding) and provides easy approval service that can be customized by any client. You can send all of your files or just the Move In's – or any combination that you like. Our staff will provide a detailed second set of eyes to ensure that certifications are accurate.

Pre-REAC Inspections

  • US Housing Consultants is the premier REAC consulting firm in the country, working with more than 600 clients nationwide, providing the advice, insight, and experience that the nation's best law firms, management companies, investment syndicators, and state agencies rely on. Our inspectors can show you the worst case scenario inspection, and teach you how to prepare your property using math – not common sense.

Capital Needs Assessments

  • We perform Capital and Physical Needs Assessments and Replacement Reserve Studies throughout the country – covering any property type from group homes to high rises, hotels, and condominiums. We provide detailed assessments of the condition of your asset that will catalog the long-term needs and cost requirements, and we do so in an easy to read format.